Mott & Bow Denim and Everlane ReNew Teddy Liner Review

Leah wears a striped shirt with jeans, boots, and an orange brown fleece jacket - Everlane ReNew Teddy Liner

Welcome to my new backyard!

When I left the house yesterday morning, it was 42 degrees! The sun was out, and a light breeze scattered leafy shadows on the sidewalk below. I got up early to walk to voice lessons only to realize that they were canceled, but I was already out, so I spent some time walking downtown to the shops to buy some university merch (I wanted a cozy sweatshirt for enduring long school days) and then stopped at a local place for bagels.

My anxiety levels have been all over the place lately. I go from mild stress to relaxation, and then sky rocket to existential crisis at a moment’s notice. Fortunately, I managed to finish two papers this weekend, and after a dud of a first draft on the first one, I am (mostly) happy with the work I put out.

These will be my first “real” grades in divinity school (my other assignments so far were graded Credit/No Credit) so I’m on edge. I’m trying to remember what my priorities are – namely, to create a life of flourishing for myself and others – so that I don’t get caught up in the meritocracy.

Leah wears a striped shirt with jeans, boots, and an orange brown fleece jacket - Everlane ReNew Teddy Liner
Leah wears a striped shirt with jeans, boots, and an orange brown fleece jacket - Everlane ReNew Teddy Liner

Details: Jacket – Everlane; T-shirt – c/o Mott & Bow; Jeans – c/o Mott & Bow; Boots – thrifted – all linked below // This post contains affiliate links

Anyways, on to a little review:

Everlane Renew Teddy Liner

I saw this jacket on Karin of Truncation Blog and knew I wanted to try it. The thick, soft fleece and overall cut makes this feel like a classic, Patagonia-style fleece, but with nice buttons for ease. It makes a good top layer now and, I suspect, will make a great mid-layer when the earth starts freezing over. I went with my usual size Small and the fit is slightly oversized.

The ReNew line uses 100% recycled polyester, which you know my feelings on. But recycling in the case of fleece is a good idea in my book because it’s a really useful fabric for keeping warm in winter. If you end up buying it, remember to wash it sparingly and using something like a Guppyfriend to keep microplastics out of the water supply.

Shop the Teddy Liner. Shop Everlane.

Mott & Bow 100% Cotton Mom Jean

Mott & Bow sent me a couple things to try out, so I selected this Mom jean. By now you are well acquainted with my jeans-buying woes, particularly the fact that my waist is smallish while my thighs, hips, and knees are, let’s say, “muscular.” I sized up from a 29 to 30 in the mom jean, which was the right move. However, there’s still a lot of tugging in the thigh and gapping at the waist. These are definitely made for a straighter-cut figure.

I have nothing but good things to say about the quality, though. The thick cotton denim feels like vintage denim and the construction is classic. If you have any tips for stretching denim, let me know.

Shop the Cotton Mom Jean.

Mott & Bow Classic Crew

Mott & Bow offered to send me their classic crew, which is exactly what it sounds like. It’s made with soft, 100% cotton that is thin without being transparent. I really like the ease of the slightly oversized cut. It’s subtle, and the lightweight fabric means it drapes rather than boxes out like other tees in this style. I ordered my regular size small and it fits as shown.

Shop the Classic Crew. Shop Mott & Bow.

Mott & Bow has a very generous referral program, which includes a 20% discount for the purchaser and store credit for you. You can check it out here, and use my link to get the discount, if you’d like.

Leah Wise

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