Vivaia Knit Flats Review: The Aria5° in Checker

Closeup of Leah's feet wearing checkered flats from Vivaia while standing on a wood floor - Vivaia Knit Flats Review
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Vivaia Knit Flats Review

I have been curious about the comfort and versatility of Vivaia knit flats ever since they launched in 2020. One brand in particular popularized washable flats with knitted uppers years ago, but the market has exploded in recent years. I wanted to see if Vivaia gives competitors a run for their money.

When the brand reached out to offer me a pair last month, I knew it was the right time for a proper review. I started my new job as a minister in the Episcopal Church on July 1st and am still figuring out what professional clothing and shoes suit me best.

Most days, I wear a black clergy shirt with a standard white collar. My office is fairly casual, which means I can wear chinos or jeans most of the time. But, even with that flexibility, my outfits can end up looking quite boring without an injection of color or pattern.

When I saw Vivaia’s classic pointed toe flat, the Aria5°, in a new checkered print, I knew they would work really well with what I already own.

I wore these flats for several days in the past couple of weeks to ensure that this review was accurate.

Leah stands in her bedroom wearing a colorful striped cardigan, jeans, and checkered flats - Vivaia Knit Flats Review

Vivaia Aria5° Flats in Checkered Review

Vivaia’s flats are made with plastic recycled from plastic bottles. Using recycled bottles for textile production is not a perfect solution to plastic overconsumption, as I have mentioned before. But, it has helped clothing and accessories companies think outside the box when it comes to sourcing materials.

Once the plastic is turned into yarn, it is knitted into a soft and pliable material that is turned into uppers for Vivaia’s shoes.

The footbed is made with an herb called artemisia algy (also called Chinese mugwort), which has antimicrobial properties.

Finally, their shoes boast a carbon-free rubber outsole.

The Aria5° flats have a padded heel, light arch support, and a removable insole. They are also machine washable.

Vivaia's checker print recycled plastic flats resting on the lid of a woven palm basket - Vivaia Knit Flats Review


I took a half-size down in Vivaia’s flats. I would say that their size chart is accurate. If you know your European size, go with that. Vivaia also recommends going up in size for the pointed toe flats.


These are truly very comfortable. I was skeptical since the profile is so thin and flat. But the insole is very cushy and shock-resistant and I have experienced no rubbing or discomfort.


When you hear that a shoe is made of plastic, it’s easy to be skeptical. But the quality of the insole, padding, and woven uppers is very high. The rubber soles also offer good traction.

waist down shot of Leah wearing denim and checkered flats with colorful cardigan wrapped around her waist - Vivaia Knit Flats Review


Vivaia’s shoes really do live up to the influencer hype. While not a perfect sustainability solution, they are high quality, innovative, and great for those who need comfort and style in the same shoe.

The checkered print is extremely fun, and plays perfectly with my clergy shirt. I also like that it mixes well with other patterns.

Vivaia offers flats, boots, heels, and more in lots of colors and styles. Each product listing includes helpful fit, maintenance, and sizing advice. Overall, I’m impressed. I will likely order a pair of almond toe flats in a neutral color next.

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